Please get in touch! GRACE always needs volunteers to sort and pack clothes, please help if you can spare an hour or two. We can also put you in touch with other groups. Our Greek volunteer base is being developed! If you are in Thessaloniki, Chios, Samos, Leros, Lesvos, Kos, Crete or anywhere else, we can put you in touch with NGOs and volunteer groups on the ground.
Please get in touch! GRACE always needs volunteers to sort and pack clothes, please help if you can spare an hour or two. We can also put you in touch with other groups. Our Greek volunteer base is being developed! If you are in Thessaloniki, Chios, Samos, Leros, Lesvos, Kos, Crete or anywhere else, we can put you in touch with NGOs and volunteer groups on the ground.

Welcome to GRACE

GRACE is a small but growing charity based at 18 Leegate, Lee Green, south-east London. We collect donations of clothing, food and other essential supplies from the local community to sort, pack by item & re-distribute for refugees locally and abroad, particularly camps in Greece and France. We network with other established charities and regional groups to share information and work together. Reg. charity no: 1169544.


We have just moved to our new premises and are working with local community groups and projects to find ways to expand the services we offer to the local community and refugees living in area, such as, English language classes, craft and skills workshops, food bank / redistribution of surplus food, advice services.



We are sometimes given donations that are unsuitable for our cause but we strive to minimise waste. As a bi-product of our work, we have been delighted to be able to support local charities, such as Greenwich FoodBank, Greenwich & Bexley Hospice, Lewisham Brighter Beginnings, PDSA, Greenwich Winter Night Shelter and individual cases referred to us. We recycle and upcycle where possible.

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