Please get in touch! Please help if you can spare an hour or two. GRACE always needs volunteers to: - help run our charity shop; organise and tidy our workspace - collect donations of furniture and deliver to destitute families - sort and pack clothes for shipping to camps - help our team with on-line sales - fundraise
  Please get in touch! Please help if you can spare an hour or two. GRACE always needs volunteers to:- help run our charity shop; organise and tidy our workspace- collect donations of furniture and deliver to destitute families- sort and pack clothes for shipping to camps- help our team with on-line sales- fundraise 

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Press Release 10th January 2020

Upcoming press release will be published soon.


Press Release 5th November 2019 

Exhibition of paintings by George Koftis.

Open on Friday 15, 29 November  between 18:00 and 21:00

and Sunday 24th November between 18:00 and 21:00

Address: Unit 19, Leegate, SE12 8SS, London

Paintings by George Koftis themed with refugees from the Asia Minor migration in 1922 but also later refugee related crises will be displayed in our unit 19 premises. 

Please come along and support us by buing a painting. Part of the proceeds goes to GRACE for our operations.


About Geoge Koftis

George Koftis is a painter living and working in Thessaloniki Greece. During his studies both in Florence (Academy of Fine Arts) and in Thessaloniki (School of Fine Arts) he developed a deep love for the visual arts on which he has dedicated his life’s work for the past twenty years. George employs various styles that can differ in many ways but all stay close to a vibrant colour style painting which is a central feature and bonding element in his art. George has exhibited his works in numerous gallieries and art shows in Greece and abroad in countries such as Spain, Germany , Turkey, France and USA. George has also worked as a video artist and a scenographer for the national theatre of Greece.

For more information:

Press Release 1 July 2019 

Andreas Papazidis, GRACEaid,

Moving from BT MyDonate to Kindlink 


BT MyDonate terminated it's offering on the 30th of June 2019.

Due to this obstacle GRACEaid has gone through a journey of discovery for a new donation platform.

The charity's aim was to keep the cost to the lowest possible level since BT MyDonate was almost FREE!

Kindlink are able to provide really low cost of transactions compared to no other commercial platform in the market.


GRACE is as always committed to providing 100% of the funds to our cause in a transparent and traceable manner.

In addition to transparency with traditional means we are also experimenting with the latest technologies in order to provide support and help build the next generation of donation platform with the main aim being transparency, traceability of donations and of course 0% fees.

For this we are collaborating with since 2017 on their public platform.



Giveth is re-engineering charitable giving, by creating an entirely free, open-source platform, built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The system cuts out bureaucracy and enables nonprofits to create a high level of transparency and accountability towards Givers. At any point until the moment funds are locked, a Giver can decide to withdraw them.

About Kindlink: 

KindLink is a digital platform that shows donors the impact of their donations while providing charities with tools to be more efficient and transparent.                           

We provide free services to charities by giving kind businesses a Corporate Social Responsibility platform to power their business and social impact. KindLink connects those who want to help with those in need.


About GRACEaid: 

GRACEaid is an organization of local volunteers in south-east London collecting, sorting, distributing donations and fundraising for refugees in need and destitute families locally and abroad.


Press Release 15 May 2018 

Andreas Papazidis, GRACEaid,

Kyle Graden, Seedom,


GRACEaid Voted to Benefit from Seedom Ethereum Fundraiser

Seed Funding Aid to Refugees


London, United Kingdom: GRACEaid has been voted to benefit from the Seedom fundraising platform. Seedom is an Ethereum decentralized application for raising awareness and ether for social impact causes in need while rewarding a single participant.


Upon successful completion of Seedom’s BETA, GRACEaid received the most votes from participants and will receive the funds raised from May 15 to May 25 of this year. In addition to winning the popular vote, GRACEaid meets all Seedom requirements, including:


  • Decentralizing - believes in the decentralization of power in all forms
  • Legitimate - has a capable team with a clear and effective plan of action
  • Active - is actively working on solving an urgent need


“We are grateful the Seedom community chose GRACEaid and that their team is willing to work with us. GRACEaid is a growing, grassroots, and resourceful organization that addresses the physiological needs of refugees and are therefore are an ideal cause to seed fund.” - Kyle Graden, Co-founder & CMO at Seedom


During the contribution period, anyone can visit ​​and buy entries for a chance to win 30% of the total amount raised.

GRACEaid will receive 60% of the funds to continue its mission.


This marks the official, post-BETA start of incentivized routine giving on the blockchain and the Ethereum network to seed fund social impact causes.


About GRACEaid: GRACEaid is an organization of local volunteers in south-east London collecting, sorting, distributing donations and fundraising for refugees in need and destitute families locally and abroad.


About Seedom: Seedom takes the efficiency, security, and transparency of the traditional single-room raffle and re-invents it with trustlessness and crowd-sourced selection into an entirely new type of fundraiser that scales to the entire world.




A busy Sunday (4.3.18)

Regional Refugee Charities 4th bi-annual meeting

Yesterday, representatives from c.20 grassroots refugee aid charities gathered at Thenga Cafe for the 4th bi-annual meeting. Hot on the heels of our successful collaboration project #boots1000 (which raised £25k), we began planning our next fundraiser and project to be rolled out over the next few months.

Soul food at Thenga

We were supplied delicious food for thought by San in Thenga. It was great to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones.

Thanks to all.


The Big Half Marathon

London 4.4.18

Our GRACE team of 8 runners, after a difficult week for training in snow and bitter temperatures, ran the first Big Half.

It was a cold start but conditions turned out well and some great finishing times were achieved!


It’s not too late to support their huge efforts and help them reach their target!


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