Our Storage and Distribution Centre

GRACE charity helps people get back on their feet again. What we do best is to gather, store and share aid. Our strength to date has been in non-food items essential to survival. For COVID-19 we have extended this offering to long shelf-life foods. 

Since 2015, we have rapidly grown into one of the largest charity peer-to-peer storage hubs in South-East London.  The charities and grass-root groups we work with are vetted and use our storage space and/or our sorting skills to receive aid that they can distribute directly to their own communities of recipients.

With the right donors behind us we can continue to provide a nimble response to changing demands. We have long-standing partnerships with other charities that can provide free or deeply discounted transport costs in 7 tonne and 40 tonne lorries.  We can also acquire goods at scale for wholesale charity prices. 

For our international aid, all our sorting volunteers efforts focus entirely on refugees and asylum seekers, the majority going to Greece and Calais. 

Locally we have assisted multiple partners in South-East London.  Examples include Lewisham Brighter Beginnings (https://lewishambrighterbeginnings.org/), HESTIA, AFRIL amongst many others. This has been a natural by-product of our foreign aid, as much of the pre-loved items we receive are not suitable for refugee camps but ideal for London life.

Scalable Donating

Please see our donations page to see full details on the type of donations we would like to receive. For corporate donors, these items are welcome year-round in scale:

- Sanitary pads (not tampons)

- Nappies

- Incontinence pads

- Toiletries (full size prefered, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shaving equipment)

- Heavy blankets, winter sleeping bags

- Small/medium sized men and teenage boys clothing

- New underwear

- Winter coats (September to January)

For COVID-19, all of the above apply along with:

- Toilet rolls

- Kitchen rolls

- Washing powder/ detergents/ cleaning materials

- Long-life non-perishable foods: tins, pasta etc

COVID-19 Response Groups

We are liaising with existing partners, potential partners and others to offer our storage and sorting space. Ideally we would receive goods in scale centrally and focus our efforts to ensure these are smoothly distributed across a wide range of groups over the coming weeks and months ahead.

Anyone that needs to store or can donate bulk provisions of the above please get in touch.


Get Involved

We welcome volunteers of all ages and backgrounds. We're a friendly bunch and there's a job for everyone in our team.

Warehouse/volunteering hours

Tuesday - Friday09:30 - 14:00
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